In-Class Safety Training


In-Class Safety Training

* We require a 24 hour notice for all cancellations


Multi-Test is all about keeping you and your employees safe. That’s why all of our courses will keep you certified for site. Many people inquire about online options, however it’s always best to check with your employer, as some sites may not accept courses taken online.
For your peace of mind at home and at play: we also have other offerings such as Babysitter and Firerarms Courses.
Please arrive on time to ensure admittance. Please call our office at 780-623-3914 to arrange your class time. *Please inquire about our cancellation policy
Current in-class offerings include (please click for more information):

Our standard First Aid certification course is taken over the course of two days. This course meets proper legislation for provincial worker safety and insurance boards, and has the up-to-date guidelines. We also offer a Blended option, where you do a portion online and a portion in class for a single day.
We offer a one-day recertification course as well, but your ticket must be valid (not expired).
There is an Emergency First Aid & CPR course as well, which teaches the basic skills and meets certain requirements as well. Please inquire with your employer as to what’s necessarily.

For ages 11-15. You will learn about: being a responsible leader, childhood characteristics and behaviour, creating a safe environment, caring for children (holding, diapers & toileting, dressing, feeding, playing), First Aid care, expectations of the family, and how to watch out for strangers.

This course is also intended to fit you or your employees with the skills and knowledge on how to provide first aid treatment, as well as CPR. Designed to be taken in 2 days.

For workers who may be exposed to Hydrogen Sulphide. This helps identify and detect H2S, mitigate risks, and respond to an incident involving an H2S release.

The Level I course is designed to ensure your employees understand hazards and safety measures needed to mitigate risks, while working under someone with a Level II certification. (Meant for large, fully-supervised workforces.)
Level II is for if you are supervising or independently performing a Ground Disturbance, or issuing or receiving permits. This ensures you understand and are familiar with all regulations.

Any person working at high elevations must be properly trained on safety measures to prevent falls. This course will teach you about proper safety equipment and security concepts of fall protection.

As working in a tight space poses some of the biggest hazards in the oil and gas industry, it’s crucial to know how to identify and mitigate risks that come with working in a confined space.

Designed to be taken in approximately half a day, this teaches how to identify and avoid bears. Here in the boreal region, there’s usually not one far away, so this will help you get a firm grasp on a bear’s behaviour, and how to avoid encounters.

Applicable to those working in the road/construction industry, but also for anyone who works around heavy machinery. This course teaches you the components of needing to control traffic.

Designed to give students a solid understanding about handling firearms safely, as well as to familiarize with rules and regulations. Non-restricted courses are held on Fridays when we have them, with restricted on Saturdays. You must pass non-restricted to take the restricted course.